In COVID times

We know Coronavirus,
This is something different

Diagnostic solutions for the management of COVID-19 patients

Discover unique testimonials

A series of real-life testimonials on the challenges hospitals met during the pandemic episode and how bioMérieux’s Covid-19 solution has contributed to facing this situation by delivering high medical value diagnostic results for improving patient management.


Pierre-Louis Thiney

The words I’ve been hearing from our customers are, […] You were here when we needed you and when the patient needed you to be safe.

Natalia Prieto

During the pandemic laboratory diagnosis was of vital importance and this was highlighted not only for the doctors but for the community.

Nadine Brun

It started by one country in lockdown and the next day it was the second one, and the third day it was the third one. […] Oh my God, there is something wrong.

Maria Eugenia Ochiuzzi

In terms of the biological samples that we were receiving from patients, we didn’t know which ones had Covid and which did not.

Julien Textoris

Everything was new in the management of these patients […] we had to learn quickly and at the same time as we were managing these patients.

Faith Villanueva

I am a front-liner and I collaborate closely with other technicians in the management of our patients.

Karina Bombicino

We are really pleased when we hear our customers saying that we will transform together the processes and the lab and that they are ready for everything.